"Yeah, but now I've got a band." Undead Hepcat's Final Season

I've dubbed all but one of my fourth (and final) season of shows -- for some reason the copy protection on one of the tapes I'd originally dubbed clips from disagrees with my DVDR/VHS machine and it shuts it down in the same spot every time and gives me a "you don't have permission to copy this" message.

I took the work print and put together a compilation piece that matches what I did for Seasons 2 & 3. I'd changed the format on these episodes, I'd take clips from one or two movies and add my stuff to make a roughly 26 minute show. My plan is to rip these and re-edit them using some other stuff from previous seasons and taking advantage of the awesome technological upgrade my five year old Windows XP desktop gives me over the old "two VCR's and patience" method I used when I made these. 


  1. Boobs! Live music! This is the best one yet. Just like Dinner and a Movie.


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