Undead Hepcat Re-Animated: I Eat Your Skin

Most of my 4th Season episodes took interestng clips from two or more movies, but my last one was a condensed version of "I Eat Your Skin"*

I re-edited the episode George Lucas-Style to fix the clunky "two-VCRs" editing; and also spliced in my "Producer" bit from the 3rd Season to extend the opener and a little bit of my Haunted House Band riffing on "No More Mister Nice Guy" for the closing credits. I also threw in some titles and transitions, as well as a few more dumb jokes during the movie. Hope you enjoy it.

 This is actually a pretty fun and under-rated movie. On the one hand, its a light-hearted to tounge-in-cheek adventure story with a 60's swinging bachelor/adventure writer basically living out one of his pulpy stories on a jungle island. It's obviously a product of its time, but it holds up pretty well -- particularly the performance by William Joyce as lover of women, shooter of zombies: "Tom Harris."

The story is that this film was shelved instead of distributed on it's own for several years and probably would have stayed that way until Jerry Gross (real name) the producer of "I Drink Your Blood" (the "killer hippies gone rabid" picture) decided he needed a cheap movie to put on a double bill. He found this one and re-titled it so it would look good on the poster. By that time, movie audiences expected zombies to be flesh eating canibals instead of voodoo slaves, so the new name -- while awesome --  is kind of a misnomer.

Bonus Points Comments Contest: Fulchi's "Zombie" aka "Zombi 2" is a concious or un-concious remake (or "contemporary re-imagining" if you will) of "I Eat Your Skin": Yes or No -- make your case. Full Movie Online Here.


  1. "Psst, he means he was having sex with that lady."



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