No Cocktails Were Harmed in the Making of This Program: Undead Hepca'ts Monster Show Season 3


Watching the work print for Season 3 was pretty rough -- I clearly was having a great time filming this*, but it was at the expense of the quality of the show itself. I trimmed the hour or so of footage of me rambling, flubbing lines, and trying to impress the two ladies that were watching me down to about eleven minutes.

I didn't have an actual title sequence for this season (for reasons I'll get into during my next "Making Of" post), so I made some quick ones with Windows Movie Maker, and added some music and other effects to make the "highlight reel" as watchable as possible.

*The drinks were not props this time around. 


  1. Where's the big dance number? I was expecting some Ed Grimley-style antics.


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