It's Alive! Alive!!! Season 2 Compilation Reel

I never retained a copy of my original "work print" of original clips for the first season of the Monster Show since it was recorded with UNI-TV's camera (they reused their tapes so its most likely lost forever). However, I do have work prints for the second, third and fourth seasons.

 I've ripped, converted and re-editied the material created for the second season and posted it online (You can watch it here, or on YouTube).

I'll post a more thorough "making of" post soon, but this season was the product of being pretty disappointed with how the first round had gone. Lots of improvements were made, and I think it shows.

Supporting Cast:

Eric Roelens ("Assistant to Link Devlin," "Wolfman")
Brendan Gould ("Parking Ticket Guy," "Luchador," Grip/Bat Handler)
Emily Batcher ("Art Contest Victim")
Danielle McCullough ("Neutron vs. Deathrobots Victim," Make-Up, Lighting Consultant, Camera Operator)


  1. I was saying to myself, 'this looks kinda like a snuff film', then you actually kill a girl on screen. So yeah, nice snuff film you got there. Are there any more?


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